Unique Appetizers Served On A Stick

Appetizers  come in all shapes and forms. You can pretty put most anything on a stick and call it an appetizer. You  know the party appetizer drill. Brie? Check. Veggie platter? Done. Chips and salsa? Done and done, and oh so ho-hum. 

It’s time to update your appetizer repertoire with some new and fresh recipes! Treat your guests to a unique twist on party appetizers with one of these. Give them all something to rave about before, during and after the party is over. 

These are not much more than your basic snackies. They are just served or paired with unusual food groups. that’s what makes each tasty morsel great! And the fact that there is no mess left on your guests fingers or hands and no silverware to wash. You just toss the stick away.