How This Mom Got Her Kids To Eat Lunch Is Wonderfully Delicious

Lunch Art

Mom Created Lunch Art

Lunch Art
Instagram: lunarbell_lunch

Feeding finicky children can be extremely taxing.

Buying, preparing, and cooking food is one thing…but forcing a child throwing a tantrum to eat it? That’s another entirely! Sarah Gonzalez, also known as Lunarbell Lunch on Instagram, is a mother of six that found a unique way to get her kids to eat lunch.

To avoid fits during mealtime, she began creating these delightful and beautiful lunches (aka lunch art).

Toy Story

Instagram: lunarbell_lunch

Toy Story lunch today! I made Woody out of a sandwich, the aliens with cucumber and included some lettuce, carrots, pretzels, blueberries and strawberries.

How could a kid resist this delicious tribute to Shark Week?

Instagram: lunarbell_lunch

Here is one of my favorite #sharkweek lunch from last year! I saw a photo online of the shark and recreated it with a PB tortilla sandwich and mozzarella cheese! The boat is made with bread, mozzarella cheese and a tiny pirate flag I made. The ocean line is made with blue M&Ms. I also included some mixed vegetables, grapes and crackers.

(Don’t worry, you can feed yourself this after midnight.)

Instagram: lunarbell_lunch

Anyone remember Gizmo from The Gremlins?!?! Well here he is made out of a PB&J sandwich! I used wheat bread and white bread to get his colors correct. I made a little Gremlin fur ball with chocolate and vanilla yogurt. Also included is some salad, snap peas and an apple.

It takes her about an hour to create one of these fanciful plates.

Instagram: lunarbell_lunch

Curious George for lunch today! I made him with a wheat bread sandwich. I also included lettuce, orange cauliflower, @driscollsberry raspberries, snap peas, an orange slice, crackers and cheese. The girls loved this and I made two as usual. I just photograph and post one plate each day.

It’s worth the effort, though! Not only is her Instagram amazing, but her kids love the lunches.

Instagram: lunarbell_lunch

Peter Rabbit sandwich today! I also included some asparagus, snap peas, broccoli, carrot and cucumber slices, raspberries, black berries, orange and some Annie’s bunny crackers.

Sven from “Frozen” for lunch, anyone?

Instagram: lunarbell_lunch

Sven for lunch today! I made a PB Svenwitch with whole grain wheat bread. His antlers and nose are tortilla. I colored the nose with food coloring. I also include rice, asparagus, snap peas, lettuce, lemon slice, red, orange and yellow bell pepper flowers. The snow flakes are sprinkles.

Her attention to detail is honestly mind-blowing (this Pluto lunch even features Mickey Mouse sprinkles).

Instagram: lunarbell_lunch

Pluto was requested for lunch so here he is! Pluto is a sandwich with colored cheese for his eyes, ears, nose, tongue, collar and tail. I also included some carrot, snap peas, crackers, orange, banana clouds and yogurt with Mickey Mouse sprinkles. Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend!!!!

Bambi for lunch today!

Instagram: lunarbell_lunch

Bambi for lunch today! I cut Bambi out of wheat bread by hand and made it into a peanut butter sandwich! I used different shades of the bread and mozzarella cheese for the details. The butterfly is also made with mozzarella cheese. The foliage is made with cabbage, snap peas, purple and orange cauliflower. I also included some coconut chips, #annieshomegrown bunny crackers and a nectarine slice!

WALL•E and Eve lunch!

Instagram: lunarbell_lunch

WALL•E and Eve lunch! I had no real plan with this, just put it together as I went! LOL!!! WALL•E is made with a sandwich and colored mozzarella cheese. The yellow details on his chest piece are sprinkles. Eve is a hard boiled egg, also with colored mozzarella cheese. I also included some purple cabbage, blueberries, strawberries and apple stars!

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