Grow Morel Mushrooms in Your Own Backyard

Morel Mushrooms

If you’ve never gone morel mushroom hunting you’re missing out on some fun! Searching the ground for these edible mushrooms can be daunting at times. You have to know where they grow, what ground cover to look for. Not every area is capable for them to grow in. I was always told to look for old apple trees near a river. Once you find spot…mark it! Go back year after year and don’t tell anyone where your spot is.

But look no more! You can find them right in your own backyard! Almost everyone loves morels and people spend tons of time every spring finding them. People also pay big bucks for morels all year long, which might make these methods even more appealing.

This video shows two different methods for growing delicious morels in your own backyard. However, neither method is particularly easy so this will take some planing and dedication. More importantly, you need to start off with a supply of morel mushrooms to harvest the spores. This might be a perfect supplement to your wild harvest of morels this year, but if you want to try this yourself then start planning now.

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