14 Ways To Be Creative With Hot Dogs

Creative Hot Dogs

We are speaking about hot dogs so let’s be frank…ketchup and mustard are BORING! Spice up this old time favorite with unique toppings to make them even more delectable. 

We all love a hot dog cooked on the grill. A cheap outdoor favorite on everybody’s grill especially during the summer. Yet, hot dogs can be a favorite all year round with a unique twist put on them. 

Get it out of your head that a cooked weiner must have the four normal toppings of ketchup, mustard, relish and onions. Of course unless you are at a ball park and that’s how they are served. Nothing beats a stadium hot dog! 

Next time you have hot dogs on your dinner menu, try one of these methods to top it. Make your wieners into winners!  Vote for which one you would like the best!